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Diagonal Days - 001

 Dear Friends,

now that our friend Sod finally has a proper drum kit, we'll leave Sid, Sod, Sue and Ben to their punk music. Someday, we may go back and catchup with their doings again. 

But now, it is time for something new...

To coincide with the publication by Hachette of my comedy novel "Death on Diagonal Lane" , I am launching a new comic strip called Diagonal Days. It is based on the characters of the Diagonal Lane books. Diagonal Lane is an unremarkable suburb on the outskirts of an unnamed South Indian city, but populated with the most wacky characters, who have their own way of doing things. To really appreciate the nuances of this strip, you need to read my novel, available on Amazon. However, you will enjoy it even if you don't wish to do so.

This first episode introduces Mr. and Mrs. Reddy. Mr. Reddy is a long suffering retired bank manager. Mrs. Reddy is his batty wife, who has won a cooking contest and likes inventing outlandish dishes, which her husband is forced to eat.

Saturday, October 01, 2022

My novel is published by Hachette!!!

 Dear Friends, 

my latest comedy novel "Death on Diagonal Lane" has been published by Hachette India:

I have created a new website for this book, and it's two successors (collectively called the Diagonal Lane Trilogy):
Check out the website, in future it will also be my official website!


Death on Diagonal Lane is the story of an ordinary middle-class apartment block that is thrown into disarray when one of the residents is found dead in suspicious circumstances and an over-ambitious junior police officer attempts to build it into something more than it is.
Structured on the surface like a conventional murder mystery, it takes each of the stereotypes of this genre and turns it on its head. The inconvenient corpse, the bumbling policeman, the too-clever-by-half detective, the vacillating needle of suspicion – they are all there. And yet they aren’t. Each of these chestnuts is used as grist for satire. Absurdities are central to this work. Deeply influenced by Kafka’s use of the absurd, I attempt to use absurdities as a tool to provoke thought: sometimes the absurd can be more real than reality.
On the other hand, the writing is in the style of light humor. Readers who are not overly concerned about messages and just wish to be entertained will not be disappointed. They will find it a pleasant and amusing work.
You might find it in your favorite bookshop, 
And on Amazon: 
And also on Google books:
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Thanks a ton for your help!
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