Sunday, September 15, 2019

Featherbottom - 182

I am a little uncertain about today's German version. Luckily, I found a German expression "sich ein Ei legen" that means roughly the same as "lay an egg" in the sense of making a goof up. "Krähen" means to crow, literally, not in the figurative sense of bragging. But I used it anyway as it kind of made sense. This was the translation for the gag I came up with: "... und das ist nicht die Art von Ei, damit Sie prahlen, sich gelegt zu haben." Just to cross-check, I ran it through Google Translate, and it offered me "das ist nicht die Art von Ei, die man beim Legen kräht". It sounded much cleaner than my version, so I used it. But I'm not sure if by leaving out the "sich", I have lost the idiomatic meaning of 'to lay an egg'. I would appreciate feedback from native German speakers.
Today's French version was pretty nerve wracking too. After lots of digging, I came up with a French expression 'faire l'oeuf', that means approximately the same thing. I ran the translation past Blandine, and she found it OK. So I'm confident about that one.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Featherbottom - 179

OK, I hate giving up!! After deciding to dump Featherbottom, I'm back in the ring to take another swing (as AC/DC sang). And I'm back to the single pane format. I think where I went wrong last time was in getting too tied to the concept of Featherbottom being an investment banker. Most other single pane cartoonists don't put such limitations on themselves. Now Featherbottom is completely freestyle, which gives me a much wider scope to create gags. Also, I've decided to simply the artwork even more. Here's the first attempt with this new concept... 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Mount Granier and the vineyards of Savoie

Last day of our long trekking weekend in Savoie. We drove back through the vineyards of Savoie, in the shadow of mount Granier - a mountain that we can see all the way from Lyon on a clear day. Here we were right up against it. Oh yes, we also picked up some bottles of Savoie wine from the gold-medal winning vineyard of the region (Domaine Philippe Chapot).