Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Plastered Cartoonist

Hi Guys,

a slight change in direction. A silly accident having left my hand in plaster for a month, I can't draw the existing comic strips, which require a certain amount of detailed artwork. Here is a pic of me attempting (and failing) to draw the next episode of War On Whatever.

So I have decided to suspend for the time being WoW, Deus Ex Machina and Anita's Shopping. Instead, I am launching a new single-pane comic strip called Featherbottom, with simplified artwork, which I can just about manage with my plastered hand. In any case, I've been planning this strip for some time. I've just brought forward the launch. I might resume the old strips when the plaster comes off. Or not. It all depends on how this new strip goes. The first episode goes out in English exclusively. I'll add French and German versions soon.

It's also time to say a sad bye-bye to my trusty Toshiba Satellite P20, on which I have been drawing these strips the past decade. You can see it in the above pic.

And a warm hello to my spanking new Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16, which you can see in this pic here. The Featherbottom strip has been created on this rig.