Thursday, October 27, 2016

Beaujolais - Ruined chapel in a vineyard

While on our trek in Beaujolais (see last post), we came across this ruined 15th century chapel in a vineyard. it is owned by the proprietor of the second chateau that you saw in the previous post.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Beaujolais - countrside trek

On our second day at Beaujolais, we did a long trek of  16 km. Each village in the region has a number of marked trekking routes. On a random choice, we elected the village of Quincié. Largely because it had a trekking route with the romantic name 'Route of the three chateaus'. We landed up at Qinicié early morning (we had stayed the night in a wayside inn in the nearby village of Fleurie). It took a bit of time figuring out the starting point of the trek. It was some way outside the village. It started off at a gentle slope winding through vineyards on the hillsides. There were workers harvesting the old-fashioned way (not using harvesters as in the last post)...

Vineyards on the way out...

A cute ancient abandoned tractor on the way
Panaromic view of the vineyards around Quincié. Click to enlarge.
Workers harvesting

Then a steep climb up a hill, through a pleasant forest.

A cross on the hill, at the summit

Horse farm on the way down

The second chateau (somehow we missed the first one). We talked to the proprietor of this chateau. It is over 300 years old. He owns all the vineyards you see around it. He was hard at work harvesting with his hired workers.

An ancient vineyard workers cottage

The third chateau - an abandoned one, that is being restored by its owner.

Pictures of Quincé, where we started and ended our hike