Saturday, June 04, 2016

Are you having a good time??

Hi Guys,

as they say in those annoying announcements at rock concerts...'Are you having a good time?' (just shut up and play, dude). Reason I ask is that ever since I relaunched Searching for Godot, the hits on my blog have been coming down week on week... Don't you chaps like this strip? Or is it Naresh NGO you don't like? 


Tell me dudes.... I DID ask all of you what you wanted, and no one replied. If you want me to stop Godot and do a new series of Good God, tell me for heaven's sake... I can't second-guess what you guys want. 

Love you all anyway, keep checking my blog


PS:You're lucky... if this had been a rock concert, I would have asked you to clap along at this point