Friday, August 24, 2012

Sacred Ashtray - in Paperback!!!

OK Guys, Perl and the Sacred Ashtray is now available in Paperback on Amazon!
You can buy it here:-

If you've been holding off buying it because it was earlier just available as an eBook, you have no more excuses now!

Going Up the Downturn - Available Now!!

My humorous "self-help" book on the downturn is now published on Amazon!!!
You can buy it here:

Regular readers of Pen-Slinger will remember that it was first posted on this blog chapter by chapter in mid 2009. Now I've cleaned it up and improved it and made a "proper" e-book out of it. The old free version has been disabled, as a requirement of the Kindle KDP program.

I'll come out with a paperback version in a few months, perhaps early next year. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A literary bird

Today my baby showed an inclination for the life literary.  I'm a proud papa - he seems to be following in my footsteps.

Here is kiddo consulting a dictionary.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thoughts on the birth of a pigeon

Thoughts on the birth of a pigeon (two pigeons, actually)

There is this cute bird I have a thing going with. Actually, it’s more of a one-way relationship. I lay out a handful of wheat on the balcony for her every morning, while watering my plants. She gives me the beady eye and says ‘BUK’. On certain days, she says ‘BUK-BUK-BUK’ – that’s when I’m late.

Anyway, my babe made a nest a week back, under the palm pot, and laid an egg – literally, not figuratively. I’m the one who lays figurative eggs. 

A couple of eggs, actually.

Yesterday, the eggs hatched, and we had on our hands two bonnie babies.

Finally, after years of resisting parenthood, I’m DAD!!!

It’s stressful, being dad. I worry. Will they grow up fine, well-adjusted pigeons, or will they turn juvenile delinquent pigeons? Cost of education being what it is, should I start laying aside a bit every month for bird school? 

Worries, worries….

Sometimes I look back longingly on my carefree days….

At other times, I feel – perhaps it is all worth it.


The story continues…

Tragedy: Brother dies, alone in the world.

Growing up alone…

The first hop on a pot

Baby showing every signs of growing into a juvenile delinquent – refuses to share seeds with mom – mom doesn’t protest.

My baby sees the big wide world – and takes a fright.

And then flies off to the neighbor’s roof

Back to base. Veteran aviator with mom.

And now I launch another baby: my first novel on the big wide web. Will this baby also fly? Let is see… 

Pensées à la naissance d’un pigeon

Pensées à la naissance d’un pigeon (deux pigeons, en fait)

Il y a cet oiseau mignon avec qui j’ai une histoire. En fait, c’est une relation un peu à sens unique. Moi, je débourse une poignée de blé sur mon balcon pour elle chaque matin en arrosant mes plantes. Elle, elle me donne des yeux perçants et dit « BUK ». Certains jours, elle dit « BUK-BUK-BUK » – ça c’est quand je suis en retard.

 Qu’import, ma chérie a fait un nid la semaine dernière, au dessous du pot du palmier, et elle a pondu un œuf. Pas une tartine. C’est moi, qui pond des tartines.

En fait, deux œufs.

Hier, les œufs ont éclos, et nous avons deux petits bellots sur les bras.

Enfin, après des années passées à résister la paternité, je suis PAPA !

C’est stressant, d’être papa. Je m’inquiète. Est qu’ils vont grandir comme des pigeons équilibrés et raffinés, ou deviendront-ils des pigeons délinquants juvéniles ? Puisque le prix d’éducation en est ainsi, dois-je mettre un peu de côté chaque mois pour l’école d’oiseaux ?

Des soucis, des soucis…

Parfois, je repense avec nostalgie à mon temps sans soucis…

D’autres fois, je pense – peut-être ça vaut la peine.

L’histoire se déroule…

Tragédie : le frère meurt, seul dans le monde.

Grandir seul

Premier sautillement sur le pot

Le petit montre tous les signes de devenir délinquant juvénile – il refuse de partager des graines avec sa mère – la mère ne proteste pas.

Le petit regarde le grand monde – et se fait peur

Et puis il vole sur le toit du voisin.

Retour à sa base. L’aviateur vétéran avec sa mère.

Et maintenant je lance un autre petit : mon premier roman sur la grande toile. Est-ce que ce petit va voler aussi ? On verra…

Sunday, August 05, 2012

My First novel is Published !!

Hi Guys,

My first novel is published on Amazon !

Buy it : Here

Currently only available as Kindle eBook, paperbacks & other eBook platforms to follow.

Check out my author profile on Amazon: Here

SONGS: This is a musical novel ! I have an album to go with this novel. You can listen to & download the songs for free on Sound Cloud.

To listen to the Sacred Ashtray Album, click: Here

More Info on Perl and the Sacred Ashtray


Two leading city gurus fight it out for the spiritual TV ratings in the Indian city of Bangalore. Sri Sri (or is it Sri Sri Sri?) Bobby Shankar – the Art of Kidding chap – seems to have the upper hand with his corny jokes and his Sacred Ash gimmick. Until his deadly rival of the holy cloth, Shy Baba, the man with the permanent bad hair day, comes up with the Sacred Ashtray.

Enter Perl and Hari – the intrepid technologist entrepreneur duo. Can they invent a sacred ashtray machine for Bobby to outdo that of Shy Baba?
But their technological research lands them into a bubbling, frothing spiritual gumbo of food critic murderers, overweight German spies, kidnapping, extortion, sex scandals… can Perl and Hari extricate themselves from the holy soup with their sanity – and bank balance – intact?

This is what leading book critics say about Sacred Ashtray:

Telangana Herald: As far as we can make out, it’s a book of some sort…

Podunk Today: Huh?

G.G. Vishvanathan Iyer, Leading Book Critic: Err…. Ah, Um. Yes. Harrumph. Quite so…

Good Grief, what do you care what book critics say about it anyhow? It’s pleasant, it’s funny, and while it won’t change your life forever, it’s worth the price as mentioned on the sticker. Buy it, you won’t regret it.