Friday, January 30, 2015

Ici on Parle Français ! - Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Here are the first three episodes of my new comic strip for Alliance Française de Bangalore, as announced yesterday. Further episodes every Friday! This comic strip is supported by Alliance Française, for publication in their classrooms and website, and eventually as a book. Reproduced here by special arrangement with AF de B.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ici on Parle Français: A Cartoon Strip for Alliance Française !!

As former student turned cartoonist of some sort, Alliance Française de Bangalore contacted me December last year, to see if we could do something together. We agreed on a cartoon strip, exclusively for Alliance Française, depicting the adventures of a bunch of fictional students learning French for the first time in that august institution. I worked on the concept all December and early January. Finally, a couple of weeks ago,  it was unleashed on the unsuspecting denizens of AF de B.

I call the strip Ici On Parle Français. Here is the publicity poster:

My cartoons were plastered in the main hall:

And in all the classrooms:

And on the AF de B website (AF has been kind enough to make a page exclusively for me on their website!). Here is the link:

(Note, you have to click on the little arrows on the cover picture to see the episodes)

And so it will continue, once a week, updated every Thursday. The cartoons will be in a mix of English and French to begin with, as the 'students' grapple with French. Later on, it will be exclusively in French, when they eventually get a hang of the language.

By arrangement with AF de B, I will also post it on my blog, every Friday (one day after it is posted at the institute.) The first three episodes will be posted tomorrow !!!

Many thanks to the director of Alliance Française de Bangalore, Mikael de la Fuente, and the cultural coordinator, Prutha Narke, for supporting this project !

Here are Mikael and Prutha, posing with the cartoon:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blandine's Farm - 16

Oops ! I ought to have posted this episode last week, instead I posted episode 17. I'm hiding last week's post and will re-post it next week along with episode 18, to avoid a chronological confusion.

Chez Blandine - 16

oups, j'ai du poster cet épisode la semaine dernière, mais j'avais posté épisode 17 à la place.