Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Laden Project -7

(C) Poltu

Hi Friends,

This is the last post in the Geek Gripes series which I am doing for the "Speak With the Geek" site. From now on, these cartoons will just be carried on my blog.

Since I am no longer have the constraint of sticking to a "Geek" story line, or being US-focused for that matter, I am planning to explore non-IT story lines, and non-US (mostly Indian) settings. Maybe I'll move Eric and team to Bangalore ;)

I would love to have feedback from regular readers of my Blog. Until now, there was some kind of motivation for doing these posts because they were paid for - A ridiculously small payment btw., but technically it was paid for, and that was motivation enough. Now it is just for making my readers smile...

So I really would appreciate the occasional comment or encouragement...otherwise it's really tough to dig up the motivation to do this week after week.

Say something... anything. Love it, hate it, mistakes, suggestions for storylines...anything.

Keep smiling

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