Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thoughts: Mobile Madness.

When I was a little kid, which was a long time ago, much longer than I care to recall, if we came across a man smiling and talking to himself, we’d think ‘MADMAN!’, and step smartly to the other side of the street.

And if the fellow happened to be wearing tattered clothes, we’d even take the liberty of ganging up and yelling ‘MADMAN!’, and maybe throw a stone or two.

Yes, we were horrible little kids.

Today, if we see someone smiling and talking to himself, we think ‘Mobile Handsfree’, give a little groan, and continue on our way. And if the stone-washed jeans are torn in strategic locations, we roll the eyeballs and say ‘If that is a fashion statement, it says ‘my mom won’t fix my jeans’’

Which is fine. Times change.

But yesterday, coming across just such a youth on the street, I had this disquieting thought:

All those fellows in my childhood I’d called madmen and thrown stones at….

Maybe they were just making fashion statements too.

And maybe, just maybe, they had mobile handsfree sets too.

Maybe they were just waaaaaaaaay ahead of their time…

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