Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ton Ombre

Just to show I’m not a just soulless comedian, here’s a little poem I wrote (in French) a few days ago in middle of a black despair…
Ton Ombre
dans la forêt 
des ombres
je sillonne
sans espoir
mon avenir
je sillonne
à revoir
ton ombre
mais elle
elle n'est pas là
ton ombre
ou toi
© Poltu – 2009
Here’s a rough translation:-
Your Shadow
in the forest
of shadows
I search
without hope
my future
I search
to see again
your shadow
but it
it isn't there
your shadow
or you

I know it looks fairly pathetic in English, but the original French version works much better. Sillonner is my current favorite French verb. It means something like to crisscross desperately, usually in search of something - but there is no nice neat English equivalent - so I substituted it with plain 'search' - also the phrase structure sounds more natural in French, and it has a nice cadence in that language – completely lost in the English.

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