Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cocoon: the market

Not weeks after my trip to France, Blandine and I flipped positions. This time she popped over to see me in Bangalore. We did a couple of small trips on T-Bird, and one big trip to Andhra and Orissa. Here is the first of the small trips: We went to the nearby town of Ramnagaram, which is also known as Silk City. It has the biggest silk cocoon market in the country. Here is what the market looks like from the outside:

And here are pics of the interior: heaps of silk cocoon on sale. One friendly dealer cut open a cocoon for us to show the silk worm still live inside:

The inside of the market, where the cocoons are graded and weighed by government approved graders:
Here is a friendly cocoon farmer showing how to unravel a cocoon... there are several miles of silk thread in a single cocoon...
The welcome board of the city of Ramnagaram.

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