Sunday, August 02, 2015

Never say Nevers again

After Vézaley, still in Burgundy, we took a longish detour to the historic town of Nevers. Actually, we wanted to see the beau village of Appremont-sur-Alliers which is just a few km from Nevers, but since we were going all that way, why not check out the town, we thought. Blandine recalled that the Duke of Nevers had played a significant role in some of the Three Musketeer stories by Alexander Dumas. She thought it might be interesting to see his stamping grounds. In the event, Nevers turned out to be a rather sleepy and boring old town. It does have some historical monuments, but nothing to go gaga about. But still, if you are an Alexander Dumas fan, you might like to check it out.

Firstly there is the ducal palace (palais ducal), where one presumes the old Duc of Nevers used to have his digs. It looks very impressive from the outside, but the interiors are a disappointment. The administration of Nevers have completely gutted the interiors and turned it into a very bland and modern office space.

The other important monument is Nevers Cathedral just behind the ducal palace.

The cathedral has some wonderful stained glass windows, of relatively recent origin.

There are a couple of other minor monuments, but we took just a passing look at them. Blandine was fed up of Nevers - largely because she could not find a satisfactory place to have lunch. We hopped back into her car and headed on to our beau village (next post).

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