Sunday, April 17, 2016

Searching for Godot -1

Launching today, as a replacement to Good God - a new-old comic strip, Searching for Godot. I had first run this strip about six years ago. At that time, unfortunately, my drawing skills were rather primitive. It wasn't even a proper comic strip - each episode was just a crude picture and a huge mass of text. With the result I could never publish it as a book. But the story was great, and it seemed a shame to waste it. So here it is, Version-2 of Searching for Godot. Redrawn from scratch as a 'proper' comic strip, with greatly improved, print-quality artwork and enhanced text. If you have been with this blog since 2006, don't worry. It won't seem like deja-vu. All the jokes will be fine-tuned and improved. And just to prevent you cheating and sneaking ahead to see how the story goes, I am removing the old Godot from the archives !

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