Friday, January 04, 2019

Featherbottom - 110

Hi Guys,

hope 2019 has got off to a great start for you!! To begin the New Year, a new look for the blog. I've changed the blog banner after almost a decade! This reflects better my current cartoon projects. I'll be changing other stuff too gradually. Also, I'm finally throwing in the towel on the single-pane cartoon format. It's just not my cup of tea. My sort of humor requires the breadth of multi-pane format. Most of the Featherbottom strips I've drawn up to now would have been much funnier with the slow build-up of a multi-pane strip. Starting from today, Featherbottom is multi-pane. I'll even be converting the older strips to multi-pane, but these I will post exclusively on my Linked-In Company page, not here on my blog. I need to drive some traffic to my new Linked-In page, you see :-) Hope you will take the trouble to go there. I can promise you these reworked strips will not be mere rehashing of the old version, but a completely new take on the basic gag as well as a new-look "crude-line" artwork. I'll be posting Mondays on LI. You will see the first one this coming Monday.

All the best

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