Monday, April 01, 2019

Marseille - MuCem

Continuing my series of posts on our Marseilles trip... right on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea, to one side of the Vieux Port, is one of the major eyesores of Marseilles, the Museum of Mediterranean Civilizations, or MuCem for short. I'm not much of a lad for museums, and museums housed in zippy post-modern buildings even less. This was one place Blandine and I had promised to avoid in Marseilles. But you can't... I mean, it sits there like a blot on the horizon the moment you land in Vieux Port. You can try shielding your eye from it, but it draws you in against your will, like a magnet. Despite loathing it for spoiling Marseille's magnificent seafront facade, we found ourselves sidling towards it. Finally, we gave in and went in for a closer look. But we stuck to one part of our resolve, we refused to see the exhibits. We merely took a close look at the cast iron latticework that covers the building. As an engineer, I was intrigued as to how it stays in place. Luckily, you can go all over the building and look at the latticework up close without paying an entry fee. The entry fee is just in case you enter the exhibition hall, which we did not. Here are some pics of the blasted place, especially the lattice work that intrigued me...

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