Sunday, August 04, 2019

The Emu Farm - 1

Some years ago, Blandine and I were biking on the outskirts of Bangalore when we came across an Emu Farm on the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border. The owner Mr. Diwakar Reddy was most welcoming and gave us lunch and a bag of mangoes from his garden and showed us around his farm where we made friends with the emus. To thank him for his hospitality, he not being computer savvy, I promised to set up a Facebook page for his farm, which I did the following weekend. Here it is: Facebook-DiwakarReddyEmuFarm

Anyhow, the years went by, the page gathered lots of followers but remained the way it was. Facebook kept reminding me to do something, but I hadn't any fresh photos to post. Recently, I had a bright idea. Why not post a weekly emu cartoon? Anyhow, I was getting rather fed up with the Featherbottom strip. It wan't going anywhere, and you guys don't seem to like it either.

So here it is, the first Emu Farm strip... I propose to do one every Sunday, if the inspiration keeps flowing. And only Sundays. Doing three strips a week is simply too tiring, now that I am a wage slave like everybody else. Ah, the good old days of being a penniless starving artist...

This first strip is exclusively in ENGLISH. I doubt this joke would work in French and German. I may add FRENCH and GERMAN versions from next week.

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