Monday, December 25, 2006

Cute, Rocking Babe in blue

Met the cutest, rockingest babe today….

Today I finally put down the first draft of Chapter 1 of my third Novel “Perl and the exploding buffalo”, after months of fooling around with the plot line and scenario, and gathering inspiration to start the formal writing.

To reward myself, I decided to check out a new Rajasthani restaurant in Koramangala. The Rajasthani Thali was very mediocre. The dal bati was passable, but the gatta, gwarfali and kheechri were decidedly sub-optimal. Then I browsed around in Forum and picked up an interesting looking book “The Jesus Papers” by one of the authors of ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, the guys who are now better know for bringing a court case against Dan Brown for plagiarism.

On the way back, on the first signal on the Koramangala-Indiranagar inner ring road, I saw a babe on a motor bike at the red light. Now you don’t often see babes riding motorbikes in Bangalore. Maybe in Mumbai or Delhi… I don’t know, but definitely not in the depths of Bengalooru. She had on a light blue wind cheater and scuffed jeans and practical looking black sandals. A cascade of brown hair streaked with blond under her light blue helmet. I could see a cute looking face and a perky little nose peeping out under the visor. She was really fair. Maybe a firang, but I am inclined to think she was a punju or a gujju with dyed hair. She was driving a battered looking Hero Honda, or something of that description. Anyway, it was either that or something equally infra-dig from that stable, but a babe-on-a-bike is a babe-on-a-bike. It doesn’t have to be a Harley Davidson.

Yes, she was cute, but did she rock?

The traffic indicator counted down from 40 to 30 to 20…At 10 the road was clear this babe went of like a bomb, not worried too much about the niceties of starting on green.

Yes!!! The babe rocked as well!!!

I gunned my T-bird to life on 5. To whom the T-bird has come, does not indulge in kiddi-behavior like jumping the traffic lights. It is infra-dig. The babe was still going like a bomb, but overhauling a Hero Honda with a T-bird on a straight and empty road is child’s play. Seconds later I roared past her. Then I slowed down. Would she take the bait?

Yes she did! Babe was furious at being overtaken, and squeezing the last ounce of speed from her HH, wizzed past me. Racing a T-bird with a HH on a great road like the inner-ring road is not much fun on a Saturday afternoon, when it is empty. Overtaking her again was just a matter of twiddling the throttle a bit. Then I slowed down again. For the next few seconds, we played this little game, roaring down the curving IRR at high speed.

Then my stupid helmet decided to spoil the game. I have this weird futuristic jutting out visor on my electric red helmet, which is good for absolutely nothing except that I imagined it might be a babe magnet when I bought it. It wasn’t. Trouble is, at high speeds, it catches the wind blast and rotates the helmet right around my head so that the chin strap strangulates me, unless I keep my head at a low angle. Decidedly infra-dig.

Well, I forgot to keep my chin down, and very soon I was getting strangulated. With the babe giving me a funny look, I slowed down to readjust my helmet at a more dignified angle, while she wizzed past and took the Airport road flyover. When I speeded up again, she was far away. I went on the chase, anyway. Almost caught up, but the Indiranagar signal caught me, and babe was far away again. Anyway, I had to turn right there, so I gave up the chase and mentally said a sad bye-bye to the rocking babe in blue.

I think I am in love again ;(

Dear cute rocking babe in blue….if you are reading this blog, how about a re-race? I have tightened my chin strap really tight, so you won’t have it so easy this time. Maybe I’ll throw away that damn visor as well. Anyway, I’ll let you win eventually… I am very chivalrous, that way. Maybe we can stop at Barrista and have a coffee afterwards?

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