Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Golden Stones in the Beaujolais Region

Blandine lives just a short drive from the Beaujolais vineyards. Last weekend, we did the first part of the 'Wine Route of Beaujolais' - we covered the villages of Charnay, Alix, Frontenas, Theizé, Oingt, Bagnol. This bunch of villages are also known as the 'villages of the golden stones' (Villages des Pierres Dorées) because all the houses there are constructed of a kind of yellow stone that makes them shine golden in bright sunlight. It bright and sunny and it was dazzling on the wine route. I ought to have gone punch drunk with the camera. Unfortunately, it was one of those 'bad camera' days. We had left the iPad at home - I take all my best photos with the iPad. Blandine had forgotten to insert the memory card in her Pantax, and I had left my dinky little camera at home. I tried some shots with Blandine's iPhone, but they came out muddy. Most of the photos turned out crap. Here are a few of the better ones... some day we'll return and finish the wine route...

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