Friday, August 01, 2014


Trip to Aude: Day 3

We said bye-bye to Gruissan and made for the chateau of Termes. On the way, we passed the beau village of Lagrasse. Naturally we had to stop there. Here are some pics of the town, by the banks of the river Orbieu :-

 The town square, with structures dating back to the Middle Ages :-

Restaurants and wine cellars line the high street, as you enter the village:-

The historic Porte de l'Eau or Water Gate (Nope, nothing to do with one Richard Nixon). It is the last remaining vestige of the town's medieval fortification. It gave access to the Orbieu river.

Abbey of St. Mary of Lagrasse
The real highlight of Lagrasse is its abbey, the Lagrasse Abbey. It is on the other bank of the river Orbieu. You cross the river on a medieval stone bridge to get to it - The Old Bridge or Pont Vieux. It is a 7th century Benedictine abbey. It is still functional - you still have real Benedictine monks living inside.

The region Lagrasse is also a well known wine-growing region: the Corbières. Here are the vineyards attached to the abbey:-

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