Sunday, January 28, 2007

Code Walkthrough at XYZ-Cheeposoft -2

Eric - King amongst Coders (self appointed)
Bartolemy - Grand Dictator of Programming (officially appointed)
Pustule - Malapert Knave (junior programmer)

Eric : So let me get this right. You are rejecting my code because I’ve indented with 5 spaces instead of 4.

Bartolemy : Absolutely!

Pustule : Indubitably!

Eric : This, despite the fact that it has been running faultlessly on the web-server for the last three weeks.

Bartolemy : That is irrelevant.

Eric : You cleared Pustule’s code last week…

Bartolemy : It was perfectly quality complaint.

Eric : After that it crashed out corporate web server and reformatted the hard disk.

Pustule : Hey! Anyone can make a small mistake.

Eric : And lost us 1 million dollar revenue.

Pustule : To err is human. To forgive, corporate policy.

Bartolemy : That was not the purpose of the code review.

Eric : I see. One doesn’t check in the code review if the code is overwriting the boot sector with FFFF.

Pustule : Actually, I thought I had typed 10. I missed out the 1 somehow. Minor typo.

Bartolemy : Look, this is irrelevant.

Eric : Irrelevant? Excuse me, but aren’t code reviews supposed to catch programming errors?

Bartolemy : Now that you mention it….

Eric : Well then?

Bartolemy : Don’t worry. We are going to review that review to investigate why we didn’t catch that error.

Eric : And that will fix Pustule’s code, you feel?

Bartolemy : If it doesn’t, we will review the review of that review.

Eric : Aaargh!!!

Eric starts chewing his Speak-With-Geek T-shirt with a frenzied, wild-eyed look on his face.

Pustule : Do you need taco sauce with that?
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