Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another church by the wayside.

Trip to Aude/ Midi-Pyrénées: Day 10

Still en route to Carcasonne. We ran into another quaint little church by the wayside. 

Remember the one we had seen on the way to Lourdes? This one was, if anything, a shade prettier. 

If you go by its structure, that is. But where that little church near Lourdes had the magnificent Pyrenees behind it, and sat in a sea of waving grass, this poor old chap was lodged between two busy highways, in a little patch of scrubby grass. 
But still, it was attractive in its own way. I took a few pictures of it, choosing the angles carefully to avoid the highway. Looking at these pics, you won’t realize there’s a busy highway right beside it. 

Its name, by the way, is Chapelle Ste Madeleine (St. Madeline’s Chapel).

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