Friday, September 12, 2014

The Bells of Villefranche

Trip to Aude/ Midi-Pyrénées: Day 10
While on the hunt for the best cassoulet in France (see last post), we passed this interesting looking structure while zipping through the town of Villefranche, somewhere between Toulouse and Castelnaudary. At that point, we weren’t so hungry that we wouldn’t stop to investigate.

It turned out it was a 13th century bell tower, built in the Gothic style for the church of Villefranche by the Countess of Toulouse in 1271.

A rather interesting bell tower, with two exposed rows of bells. It seems this is the only notable structure in this otherwise rather drab and ordinary town, as woefully admitted by an old lady whom we ran into. She used a rather rude French word to describe her town. What do you expect, with a name like Villefranche (Frank Town or Honest Town)? I mean, couldn’t they think up a more imaginative name? 
Anyhow, that bell tower is certainly worth a second look. Some more pics of it:

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