Saturday, September 13, 2014

Montolieu, village of bookworms

Trip to Aude/ Midi-Pyrénées: Day 10

After a cassoulet lunch at St-Félix-Lauragais, we headed out to the next step on the itinerary, Carcassonne. On the way, we ran into the beau village of Montolieu.

It wasn’t planned; it just happened to be there. 
Montolieu prides itself on being a ‘book village’. Nope, that doesn’t mean it is run by bureaucrats who go strictly by the book (although, knowing the French, it probably is). What it means is that this little old village has over five bookshops. A number of writers and artists have made this village their home, which explains this plethora. Other than the bookshops, which look like …well… bookshops, this village has a number of cottages done up in interesting ways by their artist inhabitants. I took picture of some of the more interesting cottages, and a couple of other interesting structures:

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