Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Old Toulouse

Trip to Aude / Midi-Pyrénées: Day 9 (Evening)
The best part of Toulouse for me was simply walking about the old city, with houses dating back several centuries.

Many of these old buildings have inhabitants who having been living here several generations. Others have been converted into student hostels, and you can hear students bawling out to each other across narrow lanes.

 The shops lining the street are pretty charming too:

While photographing this house with the iPad, the old lady who lives here came across and asked me what I was doing. She was curious about the iPad. She had never seen one. She told Blandine and me a bit about the building’s and the neighborhood’s history. She told us to check out Rue Neuve (New Road), a nearby lane which had some of the finest buildings in the old city.

She was right. Here are photos I took of Rue Neuve:

Many of the apartment blocks are built around a courtyard with a heavy gate at the entrance.

We peeped into one such apartment block. It had foundations and structures going back to Roman times. How cool is it, living in a place like that!

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