Monday, November 03, 2014

Andhra and Orissa trip: setting off!

A couple of weeks ago, Blandine and I set off on a trip to Andhra and Orissa. Blandine and T-Bird on the highway...
T-Bird looks happy again... T-Bird had been pining for the road all the while I was in France... Too bad I couldn't take T-Bird to France...
A bit of the Andhra countryside... it was so hot my soft Bangalore skin blistered... I could actually feel the sun burning on my skin, something I've never felt on any other bike trip. 
We made our first big halt at Rajahmundry, in Andhra. We stayed at the River Bay Resort, on the banks of the Godavri. Wonderful hotel, highly recommended. It was great to wake up to the river lapping at the foot of the balcony. Here we are, putting our feet up on the balcony, for a lazy sunday after 2 hard days riding.

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