Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kunduli Tribal Market

The following morning we headed for Kunduli village, where every Friday there is the weekly market of the Paraja, Mali and Kuvi Kondh tribes. It is also the biggest tribal market in Orissa. Here we are, just at the entry to the market, watching the tribes people coming over with their goods, walking over through meadows from their own villages..
This is the cattle market.
This is the goat and sheep market

a nice friendly ram. I scratched him on the head, he liked it.
a gent selling dried fish of all sorts.
Chicken in a coop.
A bunch of tribal gents selling cast-iron tools

Here is a chap selling tribal jewelry, similar to the sort we had seen being manufactured in the jewelers' village.
This pretty tribal lady came over to buy trinkets, while we were checking out the wares. The stuff was seemingly too expensive for her. But Blandine insisted on buying something for her.
Here is Blandine helping her out with the earring.
She liked Blandine's gift, and smiled prettily. I have written in another post - these tribal ladies have smiles to die for. I wish I could see smiles like that in Bangalore, where everybody seems to go around with grumpy serious faces.
Another nice lady selling another kind of country beer - not Mahua, which I'd had at the previous market. This one was made from some kind of grain, if I remember right. Or was it coconut? Sorry, lost my notes.
Naturally, I had to try it out. It wasn't bad. Not as tasty as the one made with Mhaua flowers, though.

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