Monday, November 10, 2014

On the way to Kotpad market...

The next day we landed at Koraput, our center of operations for the next several days. The first day, we headed out to the weekly Kotpad market, the markets of the Bhatra and Dhura tribes. These weekly tribal markets are the best places to interact with the various tribes of Koraput and Bastar.
On the way, we came across this magic totem in a tribal field. Installed to keep off evil spirits from the grain. It works! We did not see any evil spirits within a 10 yard radius.

A little later, we passed through a tribal village, and came across this rather peaceful looking temple...

This lady seems to be the caretaker of the temple (the priest's daughter?). She was busy cleaning it up and doing this rangoli outside.
They use this chair for religious procession. A fellow sits on it to express his penitence. I felt penitent just looking at it. Ouch.
We were not the only people  going to the market... we ran across a number of tribals walking down to the market with their wares.

My guess is (from what I saw later) this lady was carrying native beer (Mahua).

These chaps whizzed past us, carrying their goat to the market on a motorbike. I ran them down and overtook them, so Blandine could take photos... they did not seem to mind.

 Another chap, a larger scale operator, driving his oxen and sheep to the market.

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