Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Cheeposoft Values - 3

Aardvark – VP, Software development
Brain Storming session at XYZ –Cheeposoft ....continued from last week.

Eric: Now that we are on the subject of Corporate Values…how about Value No. 2 “All Cheeposofties are equal”?

Aardvark: how about it?

Eric: I mean, are we all really equal? Do you get the same salary as I do?

Aardvark: Management is a great responsibility, Eric. With great responsibility comes great salary.

Eric: As far as I can see, you get paid to waste everybody’s time in silly, endless, fatuous meetings that where you stand and mouth boring inanities about corporate values and ‘management expectations’ and guiding principles, while the rest of us are tearing our hair and worrying about our deadlines.

Aardvark: I think we really need a little on-on-one, Eric.

Gwen: I think Eric has a point, Mr. Aardvark. Is the management living up to the corporate values?

Arrdvark: I think this only proves that none of you have really read the corporate values. Pull out your doggy tags. Now. Read it aloud with me “All Cheeposofties are equal”

All: “All Cheeposofties are equal”

Arrdvark: “…but VP’s and directors are more equal than others…”

Eric: What!!!

Gwen: When did that line get there?

Pustule: And the CEO, I suppose….

Aardvark: (reverently) Yes, Pustule…the CEO is the most equal of us all.

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