Sunday, February 04, 2007

Office Romance at XYZ-Cheeposoft -2

Eric - King amongst Coders (self appointed)
Gwendolyn - C++ Queen (also self appointed)

Gwen is Eric’s Consort-Designate. In his fervid imagination. Gwen has other ideas.
Scene 2: Deep Purple rock concert. Eric has finally managed to get a date with Gwen.

Eric : Say Gwen, that Geek-Speak T-shirt I gave you…

Gwen : I’m wearing it

Eric : But… I though I gave you one identical to mine

Gwen : They are identical…look…same logo “My code rocks… yours sucks".

Eric : Yes, but yours seems to have these two pointy things on the chest.

Gwen : (Kindly) you haven’t been out with a woman a long time, have you Eric?

Eric : I suppose so…what with the Schizo project being constantly in release mode for the last three years, and all…I suppose I haven’t gotten around to it.

Gwen : Hmm…I think you need to educate yourself on women, Eric.

Eric : I do?

Gwen : Yes. Come, I’ll educate you. Do you now what these pointy things are?

Eric : No.

Gwen : Put your head down…like this. Now turn your face

Loud slapping noise.

Eric : Ouch!!! What was that?

Gwen : That, dear Eric, was education.

Long pause. Eric holds his cheek. They listen to another song. At the next break.

Eric : Err…Gwen…those pointy things…

Gwen : (menacingly) Yes?

Eric : Do you think they will go after a wash? I mean, when you give it back…

Gwen : I think your education isn’t complete

Eric : No!!! I’m fully educated!

Gwen : No you aren’t. You’re not getting back this T-shirt.

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